Everybody knows our hair is our crowning glory. It is one of the main factors that boosts our confidence and overall makes us feel good about ourselves, no matter what age, gender, or race, having a good hair day will always be a good day. Achieving a perfect hair day is no easy feat, especially if you have to go to the salon every time you want to feel good about your hair. What makes this difficult is the time, energy, and the cost it comes with. You may be wondering where you could find the most ideal hair care of all that has quality care for your hair while you’re at home that won’t break your wallets.

Spanning for 8 years, Lifestrong Hairfix provides a complete Do-It-Yourself hair care solution catering to every hair need from hair essentials, hair treatments, hair color, hair styling and general merchandise for a complete DIY experience at home. Lifestrong Hairfix is proud to be one of the pillars of hair color shampoo and hair treatments that came in handy, travel-friendly sachets. Moreso, the brand name continuously lives up to its name; vowing to fix one’s hair at the comfort of your own home, at the convenience of your own time.

Behind every successful brand is a company that perseveres in providing nothing but the best. Lifestrong Marketing Inc., the company behind the emergence of Hairfix, is a Filipino-empowered business engaged in distributing and marketing of personal care products since 2008. The company founders, Lance Lee, the President, and Margaret Lee, the General Manager, have kept in mind the vision to provide Filipinos with a strong local brand with quality consumer products that tackles the needs and wants of the Filipino global market in health, beauty, and wellness. As the mind behind Hairfix, Margaret Lee, a Registered Pharmacist, has honed her abilities in Sales & Marketing skills and after five years working for a retail and pharmaceutical company, she opted to venture into a business — thus, the birth of Hairfix. Evidently, in God’s time, the hardwork and perseverance has resulted in Hairfix garnering the awards of 2014 Health and Wellness New Brand of the Year and 2022 Hair Colourant of the Year. Nevertheless, Lifestrong Hairfix continuously devotes itself to be a local brand that can compete globally, having an all-encompassing and budget-friendly products.

One of the new and exciting lines Hairfix has launched is the Hairfix Multiplex Serum Range. Just as our skin needs all the essential vitamins and nutrients, the same goes with our hair. On a day to day basis, our scalp and tresses undergo from mild to intense maintenance and styling which further damages our hair. We might never know but with every hair curl, hair straightening, and other forms of hair styling, our crowning glory may be slowly deteriorating; losing touch of what healthy hair should be and should look like. While our hair today has more specific needs, heat, chemicals, pollutants, bleaching, and frequent use of hair coloring are the common factors of what should be addressed by your hair care products. These are the things Hairfix Multiplex Serum Range promises to address. The line consists of Shampoo, Conditioner, and Treatment, all specially formulated in Italy to repair and nourish your hair. Crafted with quality care and advancement, the Multiplex Serum Range has two variants namely: Hyaluronic Acid with Zinc, and Keratin with Zinc that has the combination of “vitamin complex and serum” to better cater to the needs of the ever-changing times.

  • Hyaluronic Acid with Zinc hydrates the hair to power repair dry and damaged hair.
  • Keratin with Zinc straightens and enhances power growth for frizzy and tangled hair.



What further sets the two Hairfix Multiplex Serum Lines is how scalp-friendly they are as they have no harsh chemicals like Paraben and Phthalate that have long been proven to cause various hair problems and allergic reactions.

When talking about the versatility that Lifestrong Hairfix is, the brand has perfectly chosen the most versatile endorser there is. Being a well-recognized actress, singer, dancer, host, vlogger, and athlete, Kim Chiu impeccably embodies the elements of what Hairfix is. She is a celebrity who can do anything whatever she sets her mind to, and is successful at that one– a total package. Quite similar to Kim Chiu, Hairfix also shares the same versatility and multi-functionality that caters to every need the job demands of. In the same way that Lifestrong Hairfix aims to provide the optimum hair care, Kim Chiu, as a celebrity who always styles her hair a certain way everyday, has managed to maintain a luscious and vibrant hair despite the damaging mediums in which her hair is subjected to.

In lieu of changing people’s lives, Hairfix has recently conducted a hair donation drive in cooperation with Kim Chiu and Hair for Hope, a charity organization aiming to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. The proceeds from Hairfix’s accumulated product purchases have been utilized to raise funds to provide hair wigs, which was distributed in participation with the Philippine General Hospital.

The Hairfix Multiplex Serum Shampoo and Conditioner 250ml retails at P119, while the Hair Treatment 220ml retails at P239, for Buy One Take One . All are exclusively available at Watsons and SM Department stores nationwide come October 2022. For more information about the Hairfix Multiplex Serum products follow HairfixPH on Instagram & Twitter and like Lifestrong Hairfix PH on Facebook. You can also visit our website at hairfix.com.ph and lifestrong.com.ph.

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